Anesu Gwatidzo

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Name: Anesu Gwatidzo

Age: 21

Medium: Photography

Nationality: Zimbabwean

About the artist:

“I read somewhere that “the best photographs are the ones that express what a person is feeling in that moment.” When you capture someone’s exact emotion in that two second shutter and you can remind them of how they felt when they were in that space or time really is insane. Have you ever tried to capture nature speak to you? That’s the beauty of capturing moments. They only last for seconds but you can remember them for a lifetime.

There’s so much you can do with a camera and I’m still learning. If you’re ever interested in linking up, exchanging ideas on how to take better photos and creating/editing great work shoot me an email let’s do it. I have attached some of the pictures I have taken.”


Contact:         Instagram: Photomill @the____mill

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