Art By Adj

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Name:Adwoa Samantha-Jo Botchey

Medium:Fine Art



Location :London/Manchester, United Kingdom

About the artist:

Art creates an opportunity for me to express myself in ways I usually can’t.

My collection began as a representation of myself which is why I drew black women and used Kente material as the background. I always feel that it is important to be able to relate to some form of artwork in your lifetime. Like you should be able to look at a piece of work and think ‘Yeah, I can really connect with that’.

That is what I hope my work can do for black women. Through the art industry, I want to create a positive view of black women while also bringing African culture to a Western society.

Therefore, I’ve began what I’m calling my journey through Africa. Throughout my collections I hope to visit and collect materials from as many African countries as I can to create a variety of paintings representing countries in Africa.”


Instagram @artbyadj


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