Boitumelo Diseko

Portfolio – WW



Name: Boitumelo Diseko

Nationality: South African

Medium: Fine Art

About the Artist: 

“Art for me is a form of language. Art is a platform for me to
vent out, it becomes a platform where I can be my real self. It’s
a way of communication, it’s a way to inform and educate the
community about various topics. Art is my way of making a
living. To be an artist means to be a creator, to be in total
control of one’s subject. To be an artist is to take raw materials
and produce something and show the world what’s going on in
your head, this makes art for me fun. One has to be in a
certain state of mind to create artworks, and this makes it
interesting because people will create unique works. I have
various concepts in my work and they are: abuse, land issues,
identity and phenomenology.”

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