Eugene Mapondera

image2-6Urban rendition of Bill Masuku’s Razor-Man

image3-6“Monkey on my back”


image4-5Co-created the “Yellow Girl” by Dan Muwanigwa

image5-3Zimbabwean Pantheon of Super heroes

image6-2Creator and Illustrator of Drama Mama


Name:  Eugene Mapondera

Medium: Comic Book Illustration

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Background: Zimbabwean

About the artist:

Art is a language more potent than any words spoken since man could form ideas. Creating art is as much about sewing together ideas from the greatest minds of the past as it is sculpting new was to conceive meaning, perceive intentions, and truly feeling something beyond reason.

Digital art, has been the new frontier on which we are culminating everything we know about light, colour, line, tone and expression to truly pioneer the visual language that is art itself.

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