Gabriel Chirinda


Name :Gabriel Chirinda

Medium:Fine Art


Background :Zimbabwean

Location: Famagusta, Cyprus

About the Artist:

“art is simply the way of life; an alternate reality that we, as visionaries, tend to create to express different ideas or give an impression of how we feel. There is no right or wrong, it’s us creating what we see be it from direct observation or using our imagination to tell abstract stories.
My work ranges from a series of pen drawings, acrylic and oil paintings, watercolor, and graphite. I have currently been focusing on pen drawings where I’ve been developing and growing understanding different techniques whilst creating work that resembles my ideas. Most of my ideas come from my subconscious where it usually begins with random doodles that then end up shaping different compositions which result in the final outcome. this is when the art creates a dialogue with its master.”

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