Guidance Gunundu



Artist: Guidance Tungamirai Gunundu

Medium: Digital Art/ Fine Art

Location : Redwood City , California

Background: Zimbabwe

About the Artist:

” As a young child I always doodled about creating images that no-one would really understand.
Multimedia is my life, for as I enter another dimension each time I open adobe and Autodesk
applications. I am very ecstatic about this talent that a few people on this planet have and I believe it is
the most important branch in human life. Multimedia Design which I define as “visual organisation and
presentation of information transformed through a creative journey for a certain purpose” combines art
and technology which are my greatest strength. Not only does it contain all this, but Multimedia design
allows you to think outside of the box and to express artistic intelligence at its highest level as one’s
simplicity and ability to create visual aesthetics are appreciated. Moreover, it allows me to be
Afrocentric which sets my work apart.”


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