Kudiwa Shonhiwa



Name:Kudiwa Shonhiwa

Brand Name:Estelle K


Location: Harare, Zimbabwe and Cape Town, South Africa.

About the Artist:

Art to me means seeing beauty in all things and it is the driving force behind my designs. In every fabric, there is a feature that must be celebrated and that is what I have set out to do in each piece I design and sew for the Estelle K brand.

Estelle K is a women’s clothing brand, creating unique, colourful garments with an African flair. The company was formally registered in 2017 in South Africa with the goal of changing the perception of prints from ‘busy’ to unique.

This second collection of Estelle K is a celebration of the African woman who not only wears African prints, but juxtaposes prints with modern designs and neutral fabrics. This woman is multifaceted, and her confidence in her skin and clothing reflects in her attitude.


Contact:Via Instagram: @estelle_k__ and via email: estellekdesigns@gmail.com

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