Laura Bonginkosi

(Arabic word meaning “it is written”)

I love you
I yearn for the day I may hold you
The moment I may trace
Your silhouette
As is mine – the same
a forbidden apple – my love for you is
A guilty pleasure
My siren, you are beguiling
But maktub
My desire for you
Is sacrilege

Maktub Illustration By Me. - Drawing 11654343402

Name : Laura Bonginkosi


Medium: Poetry

Location:Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

About the artist:

“My poetry / prose pieces express my pain or worry and my self portraits are a visual presentation of my thoughts & You will come to notice that I use sexual references in alot of my pieces as a creative signature. Art is the source of my happiness, peace and identity.”

Contact details:

Social media(s) : IG – laurabonginkosi

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