Lavance Lining



Name: Lavance Lining

Media: Fine Art

Location: Atlanta, GA

About the artist:

“For me, art is in my DNA. It’s not something I really force, but more of a feeling. It’s something I’ve done every day since childhood. If there’s a pencil and paper nearby, I’m either writing my thoughts, scribbling, or creating an actual piece.

Right now, my art revolves around my main interests, which are sports, politics, music, and myself (because I think I’m the most interesting person I know..seriously lol) so I draw a lot of self portraits. I want everything I create to be impactful to at least one other person. That shows that I’m not doing what I do for only me.

 I think art creates purpose and meaning for me. When I feel lost, I can always pick up a pencil, pen, or brush to write or draw out how I feel. Kind of an extension of my thoughts.”




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