Linus Ikeh Jr



Name: Linus Ikeh Jr

Medium: Fine Art

Nationality : Nigerian

Age: 20

Location : Nigeria

About the artist: 

” I had to discover this as my talent 2017 February so since then I had been working hard up till today. My inspiration comes from the things I see in the environment (society) today, the standard of the world. Well I go for Hyper realism though still trying and working hard to make my works look so real, I was inspired by so many hyper realistic artist on social medias.
 My works defines and will also define and inspire people, because I tend to see from the inner reflection of the rays of light shinning in the dept of a pit (I.e I capture my works from the dark). I bring out hidden things that either the society has forgotten about it or don’t know about it. I don’t just try to Make art, before I start up any piece, I make sure there most be an inspiration beneath it. Hyper realism has been what am passioned for not just art or sketch or draw, but to make it look comparable with Lenses pictures.
   I make Portraiture works, that’s has much and deeper expression (emotional). Because I see in every path this earth there is either happiness or sadness… “

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