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Project Details:  “I’ve always loved Halloween. It’s such a magical time. a great time to escape. It’s the only time we accept anything that isn’t human to exist. it’s the only time we acknowledge the dead and their impact. it’s a really magical time. I’ve always felt somewhat drawn to Halloween because there’s this vacant space in everyones knowledge capacity about what happens after death. It always makes me wonder that, if this Halloween notion is true, then are the dead really among us at that time? what are they saying? what’re they feeling? and do they recognise us? death is a continuous discontinuity. it happens to everyone and everything. sometimes I question the point of it all. if we’re ever going to make any real impact, or if we’re going to turn into another fable hundred of years from now. Expected to wake up and be acknowledged during one night of the year. i decided to go to a cemetery this Halloween. My grandmother passed away this year and it really made me question the purpose of life if all we do is die and get thrown ontop of each other in cemeteries. I felt closer to my grandmother during that time. i miss her. I still haven’t found any answers. so I danced.”

Name:Mandhla Ndubiwa




About the artist:

Art, to me, is the unadulterated expression of the human and non-human imagination. it’s a safe place where we can truly explore one another through vast mediums and channels. It holds incredibly stimulating energy which serves as an honest gateway into someone’s life and experiences. that, is art. I’m a black queer artist from Zimbabwe, Africa based in Germany. My pronouns are him/her. I’m twenty in flesh years but to you, the audience, I’m however old as you like.

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