Mutsa Mungoshi


Name : Mutsa Mungoshi



Background: Zimbabwean

Location:Harare,Zimbabwe/Cape Town,South Africa

About the Artist:

“In my eyes, art is freedom. It is open expression, fully and honestly. Art stands as an articulation of ideas, hopes, dreams, nightmares and all else there is. It is its own creature that exists, independent of society and her whims, and yet depends on society for its nourishment. It has the ability to build bridges between divided people, to wipe the tears from the face of a child, to shake the very foundations of our institutions. The blank canvas, the empty silence, the darkness, they are all spaces waiting to be filled by art. Art is the greatest storyteller, she who remembers and endures beyond lifetimes. In my eyes, to be an artist is to enjoy in all this, but to know that ultimately, you are a slave to your art, for as much as you hold the pen, the words write themselves, and moreover, they demand to be written.”

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