Nicole Garwe

Week 11


I fell in love with the dips

in her hips

The contour

From where rains pour

When it’s warm

And she cries out til dawn

Insatiable woman

With a mouth so full and certain

And skin so black

And soft like satin.

I fell in love with a smile

A small thing

And a wink to beguile

And coerce

Men too kneel and depress

Bestown Historical powers

I fell in love with an opposite

Contradictory and cherry sweet

Cold as she is heat

A classic record on repeat.

I fell in love with a woman

The woman

She is me.



Week 10


Lover, Do you remember?


I see myself  lying on a bed in rainy December.

You trace my skin with your finger

Long, Calloused,

An easy thing to pull my trigger.


I am a wave confined to a bath tub

Incessant desire for escape,

An itch I cannot rub.

A sweetness I am dying to taste.


My water spills out the edges

And I guess it makes sense

Because you never did learn to colour inside the edges either.

Lips red and plump

From the friction of your mouth.

Your teeth graze the peak of my mountains

I picture heaven with all it’s angels and fountains.




Lover, do you remember?

you always knew how to get us there together.








Name:Nicole Garwe




About the artist:

I don’t want to make anything I write too complicated or filled with ambiguities. I want the message to come right out and grab you.

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