Nyasha Elose


Her insides are made of flower petals, they bloom when she’s happiest.

Her laughter sounds like the yellow of a sunflower, bright and loud – attention grabbing.

Her countenance is as delicate as the petals inside her, tender and smooth.

She intrigues passers-by with her unique patterns and her multiple colour changes but others she intimidates. They don’t know what her pink to red, her red to blue, her blue to pink means, so they stay away and they isolate her. That strange, flower girl.

And others just can’t be bothered to understand.

‘Why is she like that? Who is she?’

Well, she simply is. She bends to the will of the wind and grows when the sun shines down on her.

When the rains come she absorbs each drop, bowing to the force each one brings and her petals become a deep, solemn blue. She cries with the rain, she endures, and when the sun eventually reappears she realizes the reason for the rain. She realizes the sun would be nothing without the rain and that she too, would be nothing without it.

She wants to bloom where everyone will see her, where the world will see her beauty. She wants the world to be a better place because of it. She wants to feel like all the other flowers, the ones the world understands; a red rose, a carnation, a daisy – the flowers all the poets write about.

Still she continues to grow,

She continues to be,

She continues to try.

And one day, on one perfect summer day, with a slight breeze tickling her petals and the sun smiling down at her, caressing her face, she’ll understand her place in this world. She’ll understand her beauty even if everyone else doesn’t.


Name: Nyasha Elose

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Medium: Literature

About the writer:

” I write to make sense of the noise in my mind made of fantasies and whirlwinds. I write because words flow out of me to form moving pictures; vivid and bright and powerful. Writing exposes the inner me for the world to see. “



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