Onilu “Yumismi” Brown


Ettore (2017)


Klein (2017)


Perception (2017)


On Time (2017)



Come On Take Me Please (2017)


Name:Onilu “Yumismi” Brown

Background:Portuguese and American

Born and Raised: Paris, France.

About the artist:

“Art to me, whether you’re creating or observing, is one of the many ways to distract yourself in life, not to say from death.

Well I said it, but it’s not as negative as you may think.
Because it is also what living people will get to see of me while I’m not here anymore.
But until then, I wish to gather more people than I could embrace in a lifespan into my world of art.
To make a contemplator think or daydream, in front of heads and faces that he has never met before, since I do not draw relatives nor famous persons. At least not on purpose, and neither in a photorealism way that I escaped from trying to reproduce thanks to inspirations such as George Brown (my father), Reiser, Basquiat and Picasso.
I prefer to inspire myself from our reality (the one experienced by human beings), which we’re stuck with, to paint my own and make it part of everyone’s.
Starting most of my artpieces by drawing an eye and each time directly using a marker, represents the unchangeable past that often leads you to hide errors. Or either leave them for all to see, as an example that carries its own beauty and message that we humans tend to always forget.
Never trip over the same stone twice…”

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