Raphelle Reid


Name: Raphelle Reid


Location: London, England

Medium: Digital art

Portfolio: raphyart.tumblr.com

About the artist:

“My art varies in meaning, ranging from direct interpretation which people would understand or a more complex symbolic image which only few would understand mostly due to either knowing me in person or just trying to understand the meaning if there is one. A lot my work includes imagery depicting a “godlike” or “omnipotent” subject – This kind of art of mine was birthed from visiting art exhibitions and looking at how Christianity is prevalent throughout the course of history. Being an agnostic my work isn’t meant to say there is a God more of a “its not Raphelle in the image, see the subject as yourself and make the work less about me but more about the fact that it could be you”.

I don’ t know what I would be doing without my art. Its not a hobby, its not a option – its something towards “creating” that’s just within me. The way a book always leaves questions after creating a universe that you lived in for its duration is the same way in art – after creating a image, a visual landscape, a piece of art is never finish even when you think it is.”

Contact:raphyart@hotmail.co.uk   Instagram: @raphyart

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