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WEEK 1Chakavanzika - 59 ×70cm - Acrylic on canvasMavara - 59.4 × 84.1 cm - Acrylic on canvasComplexity of a simple nature29,7× 42.0cm Acrylic

Name :Runyararo Keith Makombora

Medium: Fine Art

Age: 20


Location : Harare,Zimbabwe

About the Artist:

“Life in its simplest form can be put on canvas using a brush and paint. We give colour to our lives as if it were a canvas, skillfully working each edge to depict the best image of ourselves.

I seek to express this painting we call life in all its various facets and forms. Life has such beauty and I draw my inspiration from it, a lot can be learned each day and a lot can be overlooked. I seek to tell a story in my art to give life to certain ideas and shed light on some.
I work with ideas of self introspection and appreciation of self worth in terms of origin, culture and ways of thinking. The abstract aproach I take, I feel, gives more depth and meaning and can have a different side to the same story being told.”

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