Rutendo Mataruka


Name:Rutendo Mataruka




About the Artist:

“Smiles, Colour & Good Vibes – Faith Fotography summed up in a few words.

I love taking pictures that jump and extract the colour in people and places. When I turned 18, I was gifted a camera and thus Faith Fotography was born (unknowingly). I believe that the ability to look at the “bright” side goes hand in hand with positive living. The opportunity to put that through a lens and create a memory you can look back on and feel elated is a major reason why I do what I do. I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so to capture beauty, I must see it. I’ve made it a habit to see the “colour” in grey situations – daily and my faith has played a great deal In that hence – Faith Fotography.”

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