Ruth Maposa

Nothing but shattered dreams

This morning set forth on my journey to self actualisation,
There was nothing but a box shattered dreams,  10 pairs regrets, and 6 folded apologies from yesterday in my worn out suitcase.
I purchased my one way ticket to tomorrow with the last loose note of hope i had left in my wallet.
My body was tired from all the running from commitment and responsibility so i decided to wait for my train in a café around the corner.
As i was taking my first sip from my shallow minded cup of conversations ,Then suddenly,
Two deep brown eyes caught my gaze from above a thin novel whose tiltle i didnt bother to recognize,
Because his smile was as confident as a sunrise each and everymorning.
I could have sworn he models for nike
Because he had just do it tomorrow
All over his face,
Man was i not lucky.
Manufactured with the most dangerously enticing character,
Naturally i was lured to your bed by your endearing charm.
With you your wolf whisltles and unsolicited touches
You made forget all the pains of adulting.
Ofcourse you made me miss my train to tomorrow
But for you,
I can always take it tomorrow.

I wish time could sit with me
Teach me the twist and turns of life
She has been here the longest,
I wish she would show me how she resisted his charm,
Divored his ass,
And landed on her feet,
But she is always on the move
Dispite her old and brittle bones
Never stoping for anyone
Once she is gone you can never get her to come back.
She is healing though
They say with time woulds heal
They were right
With her wounds turn into little reminders that pain lived here once,
But is funny how she slows down when pain is present.
Its like they are two nostalgic lovers rekindling,
I hear their song replay as razor flirts with my skin,  blood spills and tear run a marathon on my face.
In the mirror,
I see them walts in my dried up eyes.
I shut them
I hear their song replay
razor flirts with skin, again
blood spills again
tears run a marathon on my face,  again.
And they say she never comes back.
Or maybe she just like repeating herself.
She loves being on that dance floor with her lover who now loves in my memories.
How many dates can they be in eternity.

Thanks to you and your ex i missed my train.
You and your pain
Your ex and his lack of shame.
And that was my last note of hope
And I never got change.
So its back to yesterday.
If only i could survive on my excuses.

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3 thoughts on “Ruth Maposa

  1. Brilliant work of art. You took me on a journey and wished I could hand you a few notes of hope to take you to tomorrow. Beautiful poetry there babe.

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