Sabrina Mbulawa


It wasn’t until I met you that I discovered that softness could exist so beautifully in human form

You made me comfortable enough to forget that I was tainted

You opened my gates and walked your way through the reservoirs of my pain; war ready with a box and a knife

Carving my hurt away and placing it where it couldn’t bruise me anymore.

Even though i never asked.

Even though you didn’t have to.

You reminded me of love

A different kind that I wasn’t used to but was anxious to wrap myself around

You made me feel…safe.

I found solace in your arms and belonging while drawing the stars on your chest as you lay asleep.

With time, I remembered that relying on someone to keep your light alive, gives them just enough power to kill it ;and

through my brokenness, I became terrified that you might have been the piece to complete me.

In the end, I chose to welcome the best parts of your affection with the thorns I grew trying to protect the purity I prayed I hadn’t lost yet.

I’m grasping onto the hope that one day I might be able to explain to you how I’ve come to find both love and fear in you



Name:Sabrina Mbulawa

Medium: Poetry

Location: Botswana

About the Artist:

 “Words have always been my favourite form of expression. I’m infinitely inspired by sensuality, nature and the idea of complete self-love.”


Contact :

IG: @lovesabrinaneo

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