Sakhile Donga




‘Two sides to a coin’

Take her for instance. Configured to love you, soothe you. Disown you?
Her emotions are aligned to quiver whenever you not with her
‘Come home my love’ she whispers.
She trips on a rope called love at the cost of her gift from up above, her child.
That same child penetrated by the mothers lover.
He had her under his covers
Let’s call him panda!
Not the one with broads in Atlanta But;
The broad propaganda.
Who is gonna save that poor girl?
Silently screaming she tucks herself in the wounds of her heart.
Hurt is her pillow
Shame is her blanket
She can’t uncover her bruises on her inner thighs, the finger marks both sides of her hips
Even to the most high.
She just sits there and cries!
As the clock tick tocks
She tip toes around her fears.
With time she will heal!
Not only does time heal.
Time seals the shame, the hurt, the secrets, the pain.
What if I told you the mother knew;
Would you hate her?
What if I told you that was once her too;
Would you save her?


Let me fall asleep to the sound of my heartache.
Brought it upon self,
You still the best mistake.

So here’s my letter to you
Ironically it’s something you will never go through.
If I could, I would

I would turn back the hands of time
I can’t! Even for a dime
I just hurts, undoing every single knitted moment I had with you.

Who am I to just come and uproot such a beautiful pair?
Except, that’s what you did
Not intentionally
No, unconditionally

You loved unconditionally
Made me feel alive, revived, deprived from free will
I had no choice but to love

To love love what wasn’t mine.



Name: Sakhile Donga

Medium:Poetry/ Literature

Current Location :South Africa

About the Artist: 

“Art to me is about the only thing left in this world that no one can take away from us. It’s there in sadness, in happiness, in shame, literally in every aspect of our lives. It is the most common language but yet many are still deaf towards it. Art to me is love. Love casts out all fear and the capability of being able to fully express yourself despite what some may think or say is the true essence of self love.

My poetry or spoken word pieces are my ways of expressing the inner man enclosed by the judgement of the one on the outside. My poetry is freedom!”



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