Simba Kudzai Damien Makuvise

Look Into My Eyes

look into my eyes!

what do you see?

Do you see who I am?  or what I can be?

Do you see how my potential is backed by a lack of drive ?

Will I ever rise to the occasion?

Will I falter at the sake of my pride?

look closer you will see

Rules of nature are a mere suggestion to me

I want to fly before I can walk

Run before I can crawl

Sing before I can hear

Die before I even have a pulse

See without opening my eyes

When you look into my eyes

All you see is my pupils

So don’t tell me My eyes are windows to my soul

They are just large brown and cold

Something for them to gaze at while the buy the dreams that I sold …








Name: Simba Kudzai Damien Makuvise

Medium: Film
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Current Location: Shanghai China
About the Artist:
“look at my art and make your own conclusion”
Contact: Instagram -personal (damienkmak) work (davinxis canvas)

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