Solomon Adebiyi



Name: Solomon Adebiyi

Medium:Fine Art



Location :Manchester ,United Kingdom

About the artist:

“From a young age Solomon Adebiyi discovered a talent for art, through nurture and practice he developed his skills over the years to become the talented artist he is today. He always seemed to find time to draw, no matter the state he was in physically, mentally or emotionally, it became a part of his life. One summer he decided he really wanted to specialise in one aspect of drawing, and that was portraiture. he chose portraiture because he believed the ability to capture the pure emotion of a human was amazing and when done correctly it becomes a sculpture in the eyes of the beholder, and he thought that was a powerful thing to be able to create. He dedicated his time resources and energy into creating his own unique method of drawing photo-realistic portraits, this became and is his passion.”

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