Sylvester Musademba

Fear Is All I Know

Fear is all I know.
The things I cannot control.
Emotions not to be shown.
Fearless is the call.

Promises unsecure.
Trust has been foiled.
Time is the cure.
Fearless is the call.

Stuck in the past.
Whilst everyone went past.
Will I ever let any of it go.
Fearless is the call.

A bleak future.
Frozen, my heart starts to grow
Hope, warmth is the foe
Fearless, I hear your call.

A narrative piece poking at the paralysing grip that fear has on us as humans. In the
end, there is hope we can overcome our fears if need be.

My Shame

If I had one more chance,
Would I say it in a trance?
Every moment I missed,
Opportunities to speak!
Misguided by the world,
The cruelty of being weak!
In mind and in heart,
To praise a beauty apart.

A marvellous site…
Exquisite to the eye.
Only a deity…
Could bring about to life.
When the vine next sprouts,
This time will I spout?
Are these thoughts in vein?
Again to be put away by shame.




Name:Sylvester Musademba

Medium: Poetry

Location: Pretoria, South Africa

Background: Zimbabwean

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