Tamary Kudita

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Name: Tamary Kudita

Medium: Fine Art Photography

Background: Zimbabwean

About The Artist: 

‘My inspiration comes from a story my aunt told me about our family history. My great great great
grandfather was a white Anglo Boer war Commissioner who fell in love with a black plantation
worker named Rosy, who worked for him at that time. Because of the political climate in the
Orange Free State they had to separate, but before parting ways they had six children. Two of
them were classified as black (Sophie and Namasi) two of them were classified as coloured
(Martha and Lindy) and the other two were classified as white (Peter and Ben).
My great great grandfather, Peter, grew up to become a boer soldier. He would occasionally
sneak food to his siblings at night but when he was caught he was chased away to a black
urban area with his wife. Years later they had a son named Harry, who married a black woman.”
This cycle of inter racial union in my family history is the driving force behind this project, which
is based on my family album.”

Contact: dtammerie@gmail.com

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