Tatenda Chitima

S T O N E   F A C E S

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Name : Tatenda Chitima



About the Artist and the Work:

“Stone Faces is a collection of photographs of sculptures in Rome. I initially focused this collection on the virtues these sculptures echoed, however there isn’t enough literature about that on each of them. So I took a subjective view, and I was revealed.


My love for all forms of knowledge,

my submissive passion with lovers,

my deliberations when I judge others,

my pensiveness when I judge myself,

my proactive defense for my interests, 

my neglect of my lovers for other things,

my focus on those things.

I was revealed? Or is just my framing?”


The rest of the Gallery is available at https://chitimatatenda.wixsite.com/chyt5/gallery-stone-faces

Contact: ndinitembo@gmail.com

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