Tinashe Gakaka





Name: Tinashe Gakaka

Background :Zimbabwean

Location: China

Medium :photography/creative

 About the Artist: 

Art is within us and everywhere the light shines,I am an insatiable dreamer who has a passion in the creative arts.My goal is to create a vibe or (and ) evoke a feeling in the viewer through an image. Thus creating an image worth a poem or story. I’ve always had a passion for photography but I didn’t have the right gear for it.When I take images I don’t just capture a what’s in front of me, it’s a combination of “ environment within frame”. My pieces are art to me. Each image is worked on with an artistic threshold I hold. The hunger to create art, a picture that speaks for itself is what I aim for. An alluring perspective to the viewer.


contact:  nashgakx@gmail.com

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