Tiwanna Taona Karidza


When it was new

It’s beauty was true

Like no other left you  breathless

Like a goddess, priceless

As the hour pass the glass

Beauty in your eyes faded

That, what  was new, faded



All the uniqueness, thoroughly explored

Nothing different! nothing different!

Simply because you can touch it

Now eyes search for newer satisfaction

Something….a different amazement

When found!

Stanza one can be reread again



By Tiwanna Taonesesa Karidza





Name:Tiwanna Taonesesa Karidza

Medium: Poetry/Literature

Background: Zimbabwe

Author Detail: A 20 year old poetess. Studying law at Monash university. A published
poet to the anthology “ Pain is a feeling”. Studying and based in South Africa.

About the Artist:

“To me art is a place that only the mind can explore. The only
place where the mind will grow ears, eyes and can be able to
feel. A collection of expressions that are deeper than mere
gestures. Art is a language. A pathway to places unseen.”

Contact: tiwannakendale@gmail.com                       Instagram: @exotictiwanna      Facebook: @Tiwanna Taonesesa Karidza

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