Tonderai L. Musandu

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Name: Tonderai L. Musandu

Medium: Fine Art

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

About the Artist : 

“As a young Artist who grew up believing in and practicing Art it became part of me, a part of me that I could not ignore or neglect. Art for me is a very creative and flexible means of communicating with people as it not only makes it easier for people to understand but enhances imagination with the people since they are able to visualize what is being communicated. I believe Art is basically the beauty of/within the universe because in all living and non-living things exists Art. My form/type of Art is solely based on evoking emotions within an audience, telling a story through Art and bringing out the beauty of all things I work on in a unique way. I aim to use the different types of Art I have experience with to show beauty and tell stories of my continent and the rest of the world.”



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