Tshepiso Mokoena

Holy Apparitions

Imagine a world so Vast with all the knowledge going stray.

Wisdom that made men lead the tribe when power laid him to rest.
Feminine awakening but artfully deprived
Delicate with  ambitions while being tossed to the side.
Imagine the velocity that blooms with the sagacity the soil holds,
If Steve was a woman would gender be visible like candy capturing an eye of a baby.
Raw in crave and oppressing so passionate
I can only imagine restless cries carried by the wind to form clouds of peace, rain of patience.
Earth wet irrelevancy, society playing green fingers to what they reap.
Everything they could never sow.
Written by Tshepiso, Balidembe and Velry Mokoena


Name: Tshepiso Mokoena

Medium: Poetry

About the artist:

” One would define Art as a skill or dexterity or even the power of performing certain action in a beautiful crafty way.

But to me Art will forever be a satisfactory arch where one finds closure by allowing his or her feelings eloquently.
Art can be described as Freedom, a form of screaming in silence. Art defines humans for us humans to define or create Art.
We often barricade ourselves when facing certain circumstances the society or the world has for us but if I were to sit and drown my emotions through a puff of my cigarette, Art is our Scaffold, Art is our Oasis.
My Art simply means allow your self. Breach your emotions in a piece of paper or in a rear of a mic because Art is us humans.”

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