Vincent Khumalo


Baeb look I could view us differently
Perhaps at a certain distance maybe
Reaching out to you its so hard l know
These days you oftenly far from reach
It feels like you the earth and l the moon
My light aint enough but blinks for you alone
Your thoughts are like the various continents
Which are far apart from reach and thats sad
Just like mother earth you are covered in water
Which chokes you sometimes to think unfair
Since you have only given me the moon to stare
I stare at you only in your darktimes and beyond
Cause during daytime you fresh as a rose and a pearl
I might be far but believe you me l care about you
Its you l need like Oxygen upon a human soul
I could wash away the pain and depression
Given the oceans Yes l would at any given time
I could make you a woman again a goddess maybe..



Name: Vincent Khumalo

Medium: Poetry

Location: Zimbabwe (Bulawayo)

About the Artist: 

The term act can be used to refer the very way of life a human being can express his/her emotions and feelings.In other words art acts a media exchange were words and actions fail act takes over.Act acts a voice to the voiceless.This expression can be in poetry ,drawings amongst other forms of art.My form of art is based on poetry.I chose poetry because this be the only platform l can speak my heart and soul out.Poetry to me acts a mouthpiece to a society that is so much under emotional criticism such that speaking out is a taboo.When speaking out becames a taboo l have used poetry as a form of self expression to a few things that happen around but can never be said.

Twitter handle –  Kryptonite@VincentKhumal17
Facebook – Vincent Khumalo ( Kryptonite )

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