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Hello beautiful ones of the Most High! I trust you all had a great weekend are nothing but ready for the new week ahead, it’s going to be awesome. You are winning and making progress. It’s been a while since I worked on a personal post and so I decided to start the week off with one instead of the usual Monday Male Feature post. I will get back to the Male Features next week, sorry ladies. 

Can you believe the year is almost over? Wow. I won’t lie, it hasn’t been all amazing but I am so grateful for what I have achieved thus far- I will be sharing some of these with you real soon, before the year ends. One of the many things I have learnt this year is to celebrate all my victories even the small ones. I feel like sometimes I get so overwhelmed with life and what is happening that I do not take time to celebrate my achievements and progress. People are different and some will prefer to only look at the big victories but I decided to look at everything, its all progress after all.

For those of you who have been religiously following my blog you know that I am not a fan of winter and the only reason I make it through is firstly because of Jehovah and secondly because of the winter fashion, lol. I love the colours and the coats, especially the coats! I could live in coats and gloves all winter. I made it through winter alive and well and right into warmer weather….summer is my favourite. Yes it does get unbearably hot sometimes but I will pick summer over winter any day..

It has been a couple of weeks of warm weather that I have been enjoying and I have managed to put a couple of cute outfits together. I am not one to follow every single trend and try it out, I wear what I think looks good on me and what I am comfortable in. Some pieces are just timeless and you can wear them over and over again without feeling like you are behind in fashion. Fashion is really an expression of oneself, it all comes down to the person and their expression of themselves through the clothes they put on. Something that might not make sense to you in terms of fashion makes a lot of sense to another person… so, do you!

I love expressing my personality and my moods through my clothes. Several times my outfit is determined by how I am feeling on a certain day. For example on a day I am feeling very tired or unwell one might be able to pick that up by looking at my outfit. Other times I may be feeling a little low and I pick out a outfit that will change my mood. It is really amazing what clothes do for me, lol. A friend of mine always laughs at me and teases me about my love for clothes and all that, fashion tings, lol.  

African prints are everything and more! I absolutely love all manner of African print.  I would not mind living in African print clothes all day everyday, no exaggeration. Just imagine African print everything? African print underwear, furniture as well, wow A DREAM! LOL. Is that too much? Ok moving right along. Fashion from different eras as far back as the 50s excites me and sometimes I try to bring my love for fashion in those eras into my outfits now. Vintage fashion has become extremely popular and I have also tapped into that and will not be turning back thank you very much. More Graca Finds birthed from my love for vintage aims on providing clients with timeless pieces to make them stand out in a crowd. 

This is only the beginning of summer and I cannot wait to share more of my colourful, bold, unique outfits with you. Keep scrolling for more pics. Till next time beautiful ones, you are making progress and winning everyday! 


Name : Gracia Karumb Senga

Location : Johannesburg, South Africa
About the artist:
“I am a fashion blogger, personal shopper as well as a stylist- this has opened doors and opportunities for me and motivated me to start a business called More Graca Finds. More Graca Finds specializes in finding classic, vintage style clothing pieces and selling them at affordable prices. The aim is to help as many beautiful people as possible look stylish, owning unique, rare pieces while staying in their financial lane.
Fashion is art to me, I use my clothes to express myself and the way I am feeling, just like a painter expresses themselves through painting or a musician through song. It is quite easy to pick up what mood I am in simply by looking at how I am dressed on a particular day. I have heard a few people affirm things about themselves like ‘I am not stylish at all’ and one question I ask them is ”who told you that you are not stylish?”, because to me everyone’s body is a canvas and everyone can paint whatever they want on it. Some may need some help and that is where I come in. I am so glad that I have my blog and my Instagram as platforms to encourage people out there to be more stylish and to try out different things until they find something they are happy and comfortable in. More Graca blog provides style tips and inspiration for both males – through the Monday Male Feature as well as females. “
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Soul’d Dreams

IMG_0235Ripped Blue Soul’d Dreams Jacket with Red Map 

IMG_0662IMG_0730Classic Blue Soul’d Dreams Jacket with White Map

IMG_2417Faded Blue Soul’d Dreams Jacket with Red Map

IMG_5352IMG_5354Orange Soul’d Dreams Jacket with White Map


Classic Black Soul’d Dreams Jacket with White Map

Brand Name:Sould Dreams

Founders:Tadiwa Mashiri and Anesu Gwatidzo


About the Brand:

“Sould Dreams is a fashion brand that   infuses street fashion with a sense of heritage as it puts the Zimbabwean Map on your back and allows you to carry it wherever you go .#BackYourMap”




Facebook:Sould Dreams



Antoinette Marie



What does a brand represent? We ask ourselves this
when we encounter them. Every brand is different in
its own special way. None is the same – particularly
clothing brands! If they were the same then all
consumers would be in uniform – and where’s the fun
in that?

I, Antoinette Marie Joseph-Norris, the co-founder
and creator of L’art d’ Antoinette Marie, created this
brand because of my childhood shopping
experiences… it all started when my mother would
take me shopping and I would cut up the clothes just
to make them look different – I was one picky child
about what I would wear! This became a habit…

When I saw other people wearing the same thing that
I had I would make my mother get a tailor and custom
make my clothing. I despised the idea of being seen in
the same thing as someone else. I just wouldn’t feel
special enough! Every year I created dresses, skirts
and tops that no one else had – just to be different….


I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life
until my mother refused to spend any more money on
clothing I would cut up… then it all became very clear
what I had to do – become a designer!
I started attending Cape Town College Of Fashion
Design in 2011 and graduated in 2013 – and then The
Antoinette Marie Collection was born! It started up
with just cocktail dresses, then moved on to various
ranges including menswear.


The name L’art d’ Antoinette Marie simply means
the ‘The Art of Antoinette Marie’ – the name I later
chose for my brand. I have collaborated with so many
artistes in showcasing our combined talents that it
ushered in the realization that my creativity in
fashion is MY ART. Today the brand represents ‘avant
garde’ style and versatile wear for both women and
men – ‘one of a kind’ outfits to be worn by a select few

The brand is inspired by street wear, culture and
eclectic art from all around the world. Although a
simple picture can inspire a creative wave within the
brand; it goes far deeper than just that picture, it is an
art form on its own… Consumer needs and the desire
for something different is also part of the inspiration
and motivation for the brand. Little things around
Antoinette Marie are what give the most inspiration.


‘Fashion was never my choice,
Fashion is not my passion,
Fashion is my success’

I succeed in making consumers happy by simply
providing what I found a need for in the clothing
industry – and that’s the best inspiration for my


Founder/ Designer:Antoinette Marie


Location:Cape Town

About the Designer:

“The Creative Industries is without doubt a global billion dollar industry
supplied by artistes from a multitude of genres drawn from a vast ocean of
Visual Artistes and Performance Artistes.
It is from all these different genres of artistes that the global village has
become the playground for Photographers, Fashion designers, painters,
dancers and much more. All these genres revolve around one primary
thread …ART and ARTISTIC expression.
Antoinette Marie

Nokuthula Chasosa



Name: Nokuthula Chasosa


Background: Zimbabwean, grew up in Tanzania

Location: Los Angeles, CA
About the Artist:

I grew up around fashion, (my mum and grandmother were dress-makers) and from a very young age, fashion design is something I always knew I would pursue when I got older. I love the freedom that comes with fashion, and how something as complex as feelings/emotions can be expressed through the construction of garments. Through fashion, I fuse my cultural background, with western influence, to create modern designs that can be appreciated globally.

Contact nokuthulachasosa




Name:Samantha Sigauke

Brand Name:Thabile


About the Artist:

“Thabile is a fashion design brand that aims to promote wholesomeness, complete inner and outer confidence and timeless beauty with our pieces.
We have a selection of bespoke pieces as well as ready to wear pieces.”


Instagram: @brandthabile
Facebook: ThabileZW
For orders or inquiries contact on:

Nqobile Zinyengere



Name: Nqobile Kudzai Daniella Zinyengere

Brand Name:Minestitched


Location:Cape Town,South Africa

About The Brand:

MINEstitched – Memories Indescribable Now Eloquently stitched is in the simplest form a reflection of the unending letter to my late mother. In its entirety it will always be truth, vulnerability, raw emotions and all the values that we shared together and she instilled in raising me. From this, as a brand, we are creating the platform for others to get the opportunity to live their truths through our reflective collections.

Live Yours , Love Yours.

Kudiwa Shonhiwa



Name:Kudiwa Shonhiwa

Brand Name:Estelle K


Location: Harare, Zimbabwe and Cape Town, South Africa.

About the Artist:

Art to me means seeing beauty in all things and it is the driving force behind my designs. In every fabric, there is a feature that must be celebrated and that is what I have set out to do in each piece I design and sew for the Estelle K brand.

Estelle K is a women’s clothing brand, creating unique, colourful garments with an African flair. The company was formally registered in 2017 in South Africa with the goal of changing the perception of prints from ‘busy’ to unique.

This second collection of Estelle K is a celebration of the African woman who not only wears African prints, but juxtaposes prints with modern designs and neutral fabrics. This woman is multifaceted, and her confidence in her skin and clothing reflects in her attitude.


Contact:Via Instagram: @estelle_k__ and via email: