Simba Kudzai Damien Makuvise

Look Into My Eyes

look into my eyes!

what do you see?

Do you see who I am?  or what I can be?

Do you see how my potential is backed by a lack of drive ?

Will I ever rise to the occasion?

Will I falter at the sake of my pride?

look closer you will see

Rules of nature are a mere suggestion to me

I want to fly before I can walk

Run before I can crawl

Sing before I can hear

Die before I even have a pulse

See without opening my eyes

When you look into my eyes

All you see is my pupils

So don’t tell me My eyes are windows to my soul

They are just large brown and cold

Something for them to gaze at while the buy the dreams that I sold …








Name: Simba Kudzai Damien Makuvise

Medium: Film
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Current Location: Shanghai China
About the Artist:
“look at my art and make your own conclusion”
Contact: Instagram -personal (damienkmak) work (davinxis canvas)

Lulu Shongedza


Polluted Thoughts


Name:Lulu Shongedza

Location: London, United Kingdom

Medium: Film

Background: Zimbabwean

About The artist:

“to me, art is a necessity, it’s something that I need to communicate my thoughts. I’ve never been good at articulating myself well verbally so my art is like a passport into my imagination.”




Idai Chelsea Makoni

Name:Idai Chelsea Makoni


Location:Indiana, United States

Background: Zimbabwean

About the artist:

“Art to me is a way of exploring parts of my self that cannot be explained in words- it brings to life the abstract thoughts & elements that make me, me. As a filmmaker, my ultimate goal is to tell stories. It has been described as “the most quintessentially modern art”, & that’s probably what I love most about film.”

Jerry Mathew


Name: Jerry Mathew



About the artist:

“Art means to be a world. A different world where creatives meet and everyone has their own perspective towards everything. I always liked to be part of it. When I picked up a camera, I never hold that down, Because that gave me everything in my life, what i wanted. I love the way I’m struggling, living. I make videos for youtube, some travel films, tutorials, working with musicians, dancers, street photography, portraits,etc.”

Mandhla Ndubiwa



Project Details:  “I’ve always loved Halloween. It’s such a magical time. a great time to escape. It’s the only time we accept anything that isn’t human to exist. it’s the only time we acknowledge the dead and their impact. it’s a really magical time. I’ve always felt somewhat drawn to Halloween because there’s this vacant space in everyones knowledge capacity about what happens after death. It always makes me wonder that, if this Halloween notion is true, then are the dead really among us at that time? what are they saying? what’re they feeling? and do they recognise us? death is a continuous discontinuity. it happens to everyone and everything. sometimes I question the point of it all. if we’re ever going to make any real impact, or if we’re going to turn into another fable hundred of years from now. Expected to wake up and be acknowledged during one night of the year. i decided to go to a cemetery this Halloween. My grandmother passed away this year and it really made me question the purpose of life if all we do is die and get thrown ontop of each other in cemeteries. I felt closer to my grandmother during that time. i miss her. I still haven’t found any answers. so I danced.”

Name:Mandhla Ndubiwa




About the artist:

Art, to me, is the unadulterated expression of the human and non-human imagination. it’s a safe place where we can truly explore one another through vast mediums and channels. It holds incredibly stimulating energy which serves as an honest gateway into someone’s life and experiences. that, is art. I’m a black queer artist from Zimbabwe, Africa based in Germany. My pronouns are him/her. I’m twenty in flesh years but to you, the audience, I’m however old as you like.

Abongwe L.Booi


Name :Abongwe L.Booi


Location: Cape Town,South Africa/Johannesburg,South Africa

About the Artist:

“Art is everything. Everything that can be touched, smelt, seen, hear and felt is all an artwork created by the Creator Himself. A masterpiece of perfections and imperfection. Art is the greatest form of expression we’ve been gifted with, which allows us to show our true selfs in the most creative, innovative and raw way possible. When I pick up a camera to make a film, a door is opened for me to express my deeps thought and feelings however I want, and tell a story that makes anyone watching and listening feel how I felt. Art is pure connection. Art is life itself.”