Guidance Gunundu



Artist: Guidance Tungamirai Gunundu

Medium: Digital Art/ Fine Art

Location : Redwood City , California

Background: Zimbabwe

About the Artist:

” As a young child I always doodled about creating images that no-one would really understand.
Multimedia is my life, for as I enter another dimension each time I open adobe and Autodesk
applications. I am very ecstatic about this talent that a few people on this planet have and I believe it is
the most important branch in human life. Multimedia Design which I define as “visual organisation and
presentation of information transformed through a creative journey for a certain purpose” combines art
and technology which are my greatest strength. Not only does it contain all this, but Multimedia design
allows you to think outside of the box and to express artistic intelligence at its highest level as one’s
simplicity and ability to create visual aesthetics are appreciated. Moreover, it allows me to be
Afrocentric which sets my work apart.”


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Boitumelo Diseko

Portfolio – WW



Name: Boitumelo Diseko

Nationality: South African

Medium: Fine Art

About the Artist: 

“Art for me is a form of language. Art is a platform for me to
vent out, it becomes a platform where I can be my real self. It’s
a way of communication, it’s a way to inform and educate the
community about various topics. Art is my way of making a
living. To be an artist means to be a creator, to be in total
control of one’s subject. To be an artist is to take raw materials
and produce something and show the world what’s going on in
your head, this makes art for me fun. One has to be in a
certain state of mind to create artworks, and this makes it
interesting because people will create unique works. I have
various concepts in my work and they are: abuse, land issues,
identity and phenomenology.”

Lisborn Thumba



Name:Lisborn Thumba

Nationality : Zimbabwean

Medium: Fine Art

About The Artist:

“Colours give me the best opportunity to express my deep meditation towards different cultural activities”


Tendai Mufunda


Name: Tendai Mufunda

Medium: Fine Art

Nationality : Zimbabwean

About the artist:

My work is predominantly inspired by womanhood and the role women play in society. I thoroughly enjoy creating different interpretations of womanhood, using various styles to portray my definitions, deriving most of the content from my own existence. My choice of medium is acrylic on canvas.

Lindsay Musonza



Name: Lindsay Musonza

Nationality: Zimbabwean

Medium: Fine Art

Age: 19



Prudence Chimutuwah


Name: Prudence Chimutuwah

Medium: Fine Art and Collage

Nationality : Zimbabwean

Anthony Bumhira

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Name:Anthony Bumhira
Age: 32
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Medium: Fine Art
About the Artist:

“Im flexible when it comes to Art. After years of doing art, I discovered that u can use anything to make art. When painting I paint what I see around me especially people riding bikes. I try to do artworks that will relate to anyone.”


Webster Mubayirenyi







Name :Webster Mubayirenyi

Location : Zimbabwe

Medium : Fine Art

About The Artist:

“Webster Mubayirenyi was born in 1976. He did his art education  from BAT school of art up to an advanced level where he came out with A borth ordinary  and advanced level.He did several exhibition  from 2010 upto 2018 and won several award include National marts awards several times. know webster  m is specialising  on Zimbabwean landscapes and landscape dream that depicts unsual invironment  that remain it’s vibrant colors like watercolour  landscapes. He got most of his inspiration  from lacal artist Luis marquee and Richard Witikani international  artist like Harndert Wasser and Collins Carr. He uses oil paint and acrylic  paint  on canvas”

Joshua Chakudira


Name :Joshua Chakudira

Age: 22

Nationality : Zimbabwean

Medium : Fine Art

About the artist :

“Inspired by creating things in a painting form mainly wildlife and

cultural activities”



Name: Dorris

Nationality : Zimbabwean

Medium: Fine Art

About the Artist:

 “My work speak about an everyday life I see on my way to places here in Africa.the artwork ‘ battle of the tabloids’ I saw the emergency of many newspaper articles on the street of the street were we used to have only two three types of paper the herald,kwayedza and gazzette. So these changes fascinate me and I record. The patched up piece talk about how we survive by sharing the little that we have to make one wholesome thing. The same with this tapestry speak about how we weave our lives together in order to make it.”