Runyararo Makombora





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WEEK 1Chakavanzika - 59 ×70cm - Acrylic on canvasMavara - 59.4 × 84.1 cm - Acrylic on canvasComplexity of a simple nature29,7× 42.0cm Acrylic

Name :Runyararo Keith Makombora

Medium: Fine Art

Age: 20


Location : Harare,Zimbabwe

About the Artist:

“Life in its simplest form can be put on canvas using a brush and paint. We give colour to our lives as if it were a canvas, skillfully working each edge to depict the best image of ourselves.

I seek to express this painting we call life in all its various facets and forms. Life has such beauty and I draw my inspiration from it, a lot can be learned each day and a lot can be overlooked. I seek to tell a story in my art to give life to certain ideas and shed light on some.
I work with ideas of self introspection and appreciation of self worth in terms of origin, culture and ways of thinking. The abstract aproach I take, I feel, gives more depth and meaning and can have a different side to the same story being told.”

Mellisa Gunguwo






Name: Mellisa Tafadzwa Gunguwo

Medium : Fine Art



Location: Fürth, Germany

About the Artist:

“I concentrate more on Still Life art because I love to concentrate on everyday objects that would normally be seen as boring and I bring them to life. “

Solomon Adebiyi



Name: Solomon Adebiyi

Medium:Fine Art



Location :Manchester ,United Kingdom

About the artist:

“From a young age Solomon Adebiyi discovered a talent for art, through nurture and practice he developed his skills over the years to become the talented artist he is today. He always seemed to find time to draw, no matter the state he was in physically, mentally or emotionally, it became a part of his life. One summer he decided he really wanted to specialise in one aspect of drawing, and that was portraiture. he chose portraiture because he believed the ability to capture the pure emotion of a human was amazing and when done correctly it becomes a sculpture in the eyes of the beholder, and he thought that was a powerful thing to be able to create. He dedicated his time resources and energy into creating his own unique method of drawing photo-realistic portraits, this became and is his passion.”

Maia Ojerinde-Ardalla

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Photo book


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About this Project:

“In this project my attempt was to understand how retail architecture and architecture with economic function relates to the public and how we can change how we’re manipulated by it.”

Name : Maia Ojerinde-Ardalla

Medium :Fine Art/Set Design/Architecture

Background:Argentinian and Nigerian

Location:London ,United Kingdom

About the Artist:

“My work is focused around a marrying of ideas within social economics and art/architecture. With an interest in Set Design and key understanding of contemporary architecture I plan to divulge how society interacts with architecture as an idea, as well as how we interact with art, shapes and spaces. My other talents vary somewhat from interest in colour and form for both illustration and architecture.”


Tadiwa Mashiri


chadwick 2danielbedtime




frank1Frank 2017

good luck and journey

Good Luck Journey  2017


Akanamali  2017

breezyHome A3 2017

jorja interludeDrift 2017

rose garden 3Rose Garden 2   2017



11229Lorelei 2017

1122Gaze 2017


IMG_4369Table of Vices 2015

spark.jpgEnergy 2015IMG_4374Rose Garden 1 2016

IMG_6251Fragments 2016

IMG_7003Tapiwa. 2016


Pia 2016


Blue and Red 2016

Name : Tadiwa Sam Mashiri

Medium:Fine Art


Background: Zimbabwean

Location :Manchester, United Kingdom

About the artist:

“Most of my motivation to produce work is purely therapeutic ,I see art as a form of catharsis more than anything else ,in the sense that it helps me put off any sort of stress ,so I would say the need to express myself would be the motivation ,expression that moves from more than just self analysis but a reaction to the environment around me.”


Contact : Instagram @sellingdreamsart

Art By Adj

accracape coastelminatamaletema

Name:Adwoa Samantha-Jo Botchey

Medium:Fine Art



Location :London/Manchester, United Kingdom

About the artist:

Art creates an opportunity for me to express myself in ways I usually can’t.

My collection began as a representation of myself which is why I drew black women and used Kente material as the background. I always feel that it is important to be able to relate to some form of artwork in your lifetime. Like you should be able to look at a piece of work and think ‘Yeah, I can really connect with that’.

That is what I hope my work can do for black women. Through the art industry, I want to create a positive view of black women while also bringing African culture to a Western society.

Therefore, I’ve began what I’m calling my journey through Africa. Throughout my collections I hope to visit and collect materials from as many African countries as I can to create a variety of paintings representing countries in Africa.”


Instagram @artbyadj