Zulu Desperado

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Name: Sibusiso Gcaba

Medium: Photography

About The Artist:

 “Sibusiso Gcaba is a visual artist using street photography as a medium. He was raised by the city of Jozi and most of his work is based around it. He tackles socio-economic issues by tapping in to his own experiences. His latest photo series titled ” Fear as an illusion” has been exhibited at AGOG Gallery and Room Gallery. And has also been featured on Conte mag.”



Sharlene Robin

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Name : Sharlene Robin

Nationality: Zimbabwean

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Medium : Photography

About the Artist: 

Arts is a way for expressing the way you feel and see things around you . Art is a way of telling people who you are without using words ,without talking . Photography for me is a way of story telling and passing a message and just capturing those special moments . I do not have specific type of photography that I focus on as I do not want to limit myself . For now as am also trying to find myself I decided just to go with the flow .

 Contact: shin.robbin@gmail.com

Cultured Studios

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Name:Cultured Studios

Medium: Photography

About the Artist:

“Photography is silent poetry. The same way that words have an effect on us, pictures do the same. For me to be able to see something that no one else does or be able to show someone a side of them they never thought they had is a gift I share with many people who have taken up this craft. It feels like a God given duty to be the eyes for the people who have never seen a certain person or environment before and give them the best representation of it. That is what motivates me, inspires me and makes me love the art of photography.”


Tinashe Gakaka





Name: Tinashe Gakaka

Background :Zimbabwean

Location: China

Medium :photography/creative

 About the Artist: 

Art is within us and everywhere the light shines,I am an insatiable dreamer who has a passion in the creative arts.My goal is to create a vibe or (and ) evoke a feeling in the viewer through an image. Thus creating an image worth a poem or story. I’ve always had a passion for photography but I didn’t have the right gear for it.When I take images I don’t just capture a what’s in front of me, it’s a combination of “ environment within frame”. My pieces are art to me. Each image is worked on with an artistic threshold I hold. The hunger to create art, a picture that speaks for itself is what I aim for. An alluring perspective to the viewer.


contact:  nashgakx@gmail.com

Watson Hungwe











Name: Watson Hungwe

Medium: Photography

Nationality: Zimbabwean

About the Artist: 

“What is ART : Something you just see is beauty, we appreciate it but something you feel within as it snaps your imagination loose just for you to tell a thousand stories within a single heartbeat, THAT’S ART! A true reflection of society, the mother of every born idea and an addiction that makes your mind crave thoughts of expression. Having one relate, helping another emotionally escape and giving the other satisfaction from what we create balances up to the day any superhero would do in a days work. Sometimes it’s all how your pen bounces off the paper, how the shutter syncs in with the shot or how clothes give away one’s personality. In the end art is you, so carry the image you desire and if you pleased with what you see then let no-one change that.”


Contact: hungwe29@gmail.com.      Instagram : Optical Art 3000, Vocciey



Mudiwa T Kombora



Name: Mudiwa T Kombora

Medium: Fine Art/ Photography

Nationality: Zimbabwean

About the artist: 

“I am an artist of all sorts. The crafts I practice include, photography, painting, carpentry, poetry and film. As I learn more and grow, I intend on getting into sculpting, martial arts, music and any other skill that the lord blesses me with. Exploring  these will help me understand the world through art, in its many forms, and to use that understanding, to connect and unify everyone and everything. As far as defining art goes, all it has to do is trigger people’s  thoughts and emotions in ways that help them.
Knowing that there will always be something for people to relate to, and learn from, that is what I’d like to give  to the world, through art.”



Anesu Gwatidzo

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Name: Anesu Gwatidzo

Age: 21

Medium: Photography

Nationality: Zimbabwean

About the artist:

“I read somewhere that “the best photographs are the ones that express what a person is feeling in that moment.” When you capture someone’s exact emotion in that two second shutter and you can remind them of how they felt when they were in that space or time really is insane. Have you ever tried to capture nature speak to you? That’s the beauty of capturing moments. They only last for seconds but you can remember them for a lifetime.

There’s so much you can do with a camera and I’m still learning. If you’re ever interested in linking up, exchanging ideas on how to take better photos and creating/editing great work shoot me an email let’s do it. I have attached some of the pictures I have taken.”



EmailAnesugwatidzo@gmail.com         Instagram: Photomill @the____mill

Aisha Mugo



Name: Aisha Wanjiru Osob Mugo
Medium: Photography
Nationality: Somali-Kenyan
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
About the Artist:

“Art is a form of salvation. Art is a form of self expression. Art is a form of survival.
For me, photography is a form of reclaiming agency of the stories told from the continent. I choose my art to showcase the multidimensional lives on the continent and the various positions we take within our societies. As a young Somali-Kenyan womxn in South Africa, I seek to reclaim my narrative through photographing the inspiring people around me as they live their truths and not only change the way the world sees them but also in the way they see themselves.”

Contact: aisha.mugo@gmail.com



Tamary Kudita

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Name: Tamary Kudita

Medium: Fine Art Photography

Background: Zimbabwean

About The Artist: 

‘My inspiration comes from a story my aunt told me about our family history. My great great great
grandfather was a white Anglo Boer war Commissioner who fell in love with a black plantation
worker named Rosy, who worked for him at that time. Because of the political climate in the
Orange Free State they had to separate, but before parting ways they had six children. Two of
them were classified as black (Sophie and Namasi) two of them were classified as coloured
(Martha and Lindy) and the other two were classified as white (Peter and Ben).
My great great grandfather, Peter, grew up to become a boer soldier. He would occasionally
sneak food to his siblings at night but when he was caught he was chased away to a black
urban area with his wife. Years later they had a son named Harry, who married a black woman.”
This cycle of inter racial union in my family history is the driving force behind this project, which
is based on my family album.”

Contact: dtammerie@gmail.com

Simon Sibanda



Name: Simon Sibanda

Medium: Photography

Background: Zimbabwean

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

About the Artist: 

“The beauty of showing people what is one’s mind. It means that I get escape and give a people a glimpse of how I see the world.
I see beauty in chaos. “
Contact: simon_sibanda@yahoo.co.uk