Naka Visuals




Company Name: Naka Visuals

Medium: Photography

Founders: Roy Mwahave & Takudzwa Mboma

Photographers:Takudzwa Mboma And Roy Mwahave

About the artist:

“We basically explain art through photography by working with different individuals from all over the nation, might it be clients,  street strangers or models”

Contact: &     Instagram:@naka_visuals



Karis Beaumont







Name: Karis Beaumont

Nationality: Jamaican

Location:United Kingdom
Medium: Photography, Creative Direction

About the Artist:

Art is an insight of how I perceive the world. It is a way for me to express my thoughts, feelings and general being. Art is honest, art is organic, art is genuine.
My photography focuses on culture and people – as I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way and has a story to tell.​     Instagram:karisbeau

Mandhla Ndubiwa



Project Details:  “I’ve always loved Halloween. It’s such a magical time. a great time to escape. It’s the only time we accept anything that isn’t human to exist. it’s the only time we acknowledge the dead and their impact. it’s a really magical time. I’ve always felt somewhat drawn to Halloween because there’s this vacant space in everyones knowledge capacity about what happens after death. It always makes me wonder that, if this Halloween notion is true, then are the dead really among us at that time? what are they saying? what’re they feeling? and do they recognise us? death is a continuous discontinuity. it happens to everyone and everything. sometimes I question the point of it all. if we’re ever going to make any real impact, or if we’re going to turn into another fable hundred of years from now. Expected to wake up and be acknowledged during one night of the year. i decided to go to a cemetery this Halloween. My grandmother passed away this year and it really made me question the purpose of life if all we do is die and get thrown ontop of each other in cemeteries. I felt closer to my grandmother during that time. i miss her. I still haven’t found any answers. so I danced.”

Name:Mandhla Ndubiwa




About the artist:

Art, to me, is the unadulterated expression of the human and non-human imagination. it’s a safe place where we can truly explore one another through vast mediums and channels. It holds incredibly stimulating energy which serves as an honest gateway into someone’s life and experiences. that, is art. I’m a black queer artist from Zimbabwe, Africa based in Germany. My pronouns are him/her. I’m twenty in flesh years but to you, the audience, I’m however old as you like.

Srirat Jongsanguandi

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Name:Srirat Jongsanguandi

Medium: Fine Art/Photography/Architecture

Background:Bangkok, Thailand

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

About the artist:

“Art is an opportunity. An opportunity to meet, bond with like-minded people, creating an artist community that you feel belonged and wanted.

It is a chance to be brave, to get out into the world, explore, ask questions. To do whatever it is you have not thought you were able to do before. The feelings that follow after you have accomplished a piece of work, or an idea, is truly incredible. It is this  feeling that seduces me back. How satisfied I am after I have created something that I am proud of, and know that it will have an impact on other people.

Art is an opportunity to escape from all the chaos, enter your own fantasy, be free. It can also be way to learn about yourself, reveal your norms, values, what you believe is important, and what kind of message you want to spread to the world. “




Richmond Dido

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Name : Richmond Kobla Dido

Current location : Sydney
Nationality : Ghanaian
Age : 24
Medium : Photography
About the Artist:
“Photography is an extension of my eye. Through my lens, I’m able to view the world I live in in a completely different way. It’s a way of feeling, of touching and of loving every single moment captured. I focus on carrying out different unique series of photography which I  share on my  Instagram page.In 2018, I’m hoping to travel back home to Ghana for the first time in a while and hope to complete another series to add to my collection so far. Hope you’ll join me on my photography journey on my social media accounts. “


Instagram – Kobla_photography.   Websitekoblaweb.wordpress.comFacebook – Kobla

Kene Esomeju










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Name:Kene Esomeju


About the Artist:

“I think art is mainly about self-expression, it is about showing individuality in a certain field, does not necessarily have to be visual art related. For me, I use my art as a medium of expression, mainly with colour, I want to be able to depict the world in many ways than one, I believe everything should be vibrant, because vibrancy signifies happiness, and that is what I try to communicate whenever I am taking pictures or designing, I aim to make sure that my art can make a person feel good inside. I feel art should have no limits or no boundaries, people should not be afraid to express themselves no matter how strange it may seem, I believe expressing one’s art is very important. never be afraid to create or to express, you would never know how you are going to change the world till you try, that is the artist perspective”


Contact:  Instagram: @kenechukwu   Twitter : @keneeso   Tumblr/websiteKENE ESO

Rutendo Mataruka


Name:Rutendo Mataruka




About the Artist:

“Smiles, Colour & Good Vibes – Faith Fotography summed up in a few words.

I love taking pictures that jump and extract the colour in people and places. When I turned 18, I was gifted a camera and thus Faith Fotography was born (unknowingly). I believe that the ability to look at the “bright” side goes hand in hand with positive living. The opportunity to put that through a lens and create a memory you can look back on and feel elated is a major reason why I do what I do. I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so to capture beauty, I must see it. I’ve made it a habit to see the “colour” in grey situations – daily and my faith has played a great deal In that hence – Faith Fotography.”

Hanan Hassan



Who’s Next

Black boy bound

to a silence of emotion

dry eyes tell lies

cause he’s drowning in an ocean

brothers shot down by cops

or sold by the box

he’s lost

“don’t show me that shit” he says

He can’t stop it, so why fill him with dread?

He’s helpless

We’re helpless

as we sit and we watch

“it’s 2017 and we’re still sold by the block”





The Rug Isn’t Big Enough

A poem about intergenerational trauma of Somali diaspora.



I love you

I really do

and you always told me that the people who love you

will tell you the truth

so I’m sorry

if this seems intrusive hooyo but

the rug isn’t big enough

I used to think you didn’t want me

want us

your words left me in a pile and I

couldn’t understand it I

didn’t know why you were hurting

if you were hurting

the flaming daggers

you spat from the back of your throat must’ve left a mark

but they came to you easier than

an I love you — hooyo

I can say this now because I’m older

and stronger

and bolder

your shoes are starting to fit me

and I walk a little taller but

I noticed something recently

that I

use them to kick things

the problems

the feelings

I use your shoes to kick them under my rug

and at first I didn’t see it

but now things are getting messy and

sometimes I can’t see the floor

I didn’t know you had a rug

until I saw you spilling

I know I should’ve knocked but

something told me to walk in

it seems you don’t like the feeling of too close

or the uncertainty of our presence

so you walk out

and most of the time it’s an “I’ll see you later”

but hooyo


the rug isn’t big enough to hide it all

its starting to fray at the corners

and your fears and memories take turns peeking

we could clean it up together

I don’t want to “just manage” anymore hooyo

I think its time we give up sweeping and take out the trash

because if we’re being honest

the rug isn’t big enough

Name:Hanan Hassan





About the Artist:

Art is honesty. Art can be raw or calculated. Loud or silent. Colorful or monochromatic. But art is honesty. From my experience, art is the product of internal conflict meeting the catalyst of creativity. We present that product after stripping down our walls and reaching the peak of vulnerability. I believe that when we create, we are drawing from our personal experiences (good or bad) that we have yet to fully process in order to come to a level of understanding. Art is understanding. Art is healing. Art can be unique. Art can be universal. But art is always honest.

Takunda Chipara







Name: Takunda Augustine Chipara



About the Artist:

“Art is an expression, an outlet, a language and a passion”

Kudakwashe Chakwanda


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WEEK 25 


WEEK 24 
















Joina city in the city

I got an uncle and his name psycho
He had a dance and they scream “go psycho!”
He would dance, work out and fight your ass at the park
(For the bills, for the hundred dollar bills)
And he got two sisters preggo
He fucked the other one to get one jel-o
And he took both kids to the ghetto ass park
(On the hill, shit’ll get really real)

Hidden home

Just hold on we going home

Stampede in the Harare jungles


WEEK 3_MG_8775_MG_8806brothers-2brothers